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Published On: 09-20-2013 01:18 PM
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Avon - Ways to get Clients

Avon Reviews

When you first start off in your Avon business, you are going to wonder, ok, what now? Where and how can one possibly find customers. What you should realize, is that everyone can be described as a potential consumer, and that's the way you should begin to see the people who are around you.

The first thing you should do is have some inexpensive business card printing printed up. Whenever you become an Avon representative, you can make business card printing through the Avon website, or decide to go elsewhere to get them made. Next, of course, you will end up ordering brochures to start out providing. Think about your brochure as the store. Without enough brochures, then you will not have enough potential customers. When starting out, you don't want to buy a lot of brochures, however i think between 20-40 will be the correct amount. Ok, now, you've got your brochures, what exactly are you going to employ them? Where are you going to put them? Well, first, begin with who you already know, friends, family, co-workers. Tell them you're starting a brand new Avon business, and you also need their assist to get you going. More often than not, they'll be happy to help.

Avon Reviews

You can keep them share the brochure with other people they understand. That's how you begin to get the word out. Next, think of stores you shop in, places where the store owner knows you, and ask if you're able to leave several brochures in their store. Sometimes you will get a yes, and quite often a no. Don't take this personally. If someone else tells me no, it is because they don't wish to open the door for other salespersons to come in and begin asking whether they can leave promotional material there also. Just move ahead, and check out another place. When you're at the mall food court, leave a brochure on the table when you leave. When you go into public restrooms, leave a brochure hanging inside the doorway. You will get plastic brochure bags through Avon.

Needless to say, there is a door to door strategy, where you can either actually ring bells and try to talk to the person in the home, you can also simply go door-to-door and leave a brochure hanging around the doorknob, or leave one out of the mailbox. It's actually better if you talk to people, as you already know who's really interested, and you won't end up costing you brochures. You may also constitute flyers and post them on community bulltinboards, you can also go door-to-door with the flyers by leaving those invoved with mailboxes. You can contact different organizations, schools, religious houses to ascertain if you are able to help them with fundraising.
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